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Reference Managers

Let's Begin!

Register for EndNote online:

Download the plug-in:

  • EndNote plugin installation:
    • Go to the "Downloads" tab in EndNote online.
    • Select "Cite While You Write™" for Windows or Macintosh.
    • Click the "Next" button until you arrive at "Finish." 

Cite While You Write™ PDF

Capture Reference Tool

What is Capture Reference?

Capture Reference is a browser tool that can be used to capture online references from webpages, into EndNote online or EndNote Desktop. Capture Reference scans the bibliographic information presented on a Web page and creates a reference for you to save to a new or existing group. Some databases, such as Google Scholar™ and PubMed, allow you to capture an entire page of references all at once.

How to Install Capture Reference

To Install the Capture Reference tool:

  • Log into EndNote Online.
  • Click on Downloads.
  • Drag the Capture Reference button to your Bookmarks bar (also known as "Favorites Bar" or "Bookmarks Toolbar"). In some browsers, you may need to right-click and select "Add to Favorites" or "Bookmark This Link."

Can't See a Bookmarks Toolbar?

  • To turn on the bookmarks toolbar in Chrome, navigate to the top right, click the menu icon (the 3 dots) and select ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘show Bookmarks Bar’. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Shift+B (in Windows) or Command+Shift+B (in macOS).
  • To turn on the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox, click the ‘View’ menu at the top of the screen, go down to Toolbars and select ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’.
  • To turn on the bookmarks bar in Safari, click on the ‘View’ menu in Safari and select ‘Show Favorites Bar’.

Reference (box taken from):
Clarivate. (July 22, 2020). EndNote capture reference tool. Clarivate.

Install on Chrome

Install on Chrome:

  • Go to Chrome Capture Reference.
  • "Select Capture Endnote Reference. To install it, click on the Add to Chrome button next to it.
  • When asked for permission to add it, Choose Add extension" (Bunch, 2020).
  • If the browser extension icondoes not appear in the right-hand corner of your browser,  click  Browser Extension Icon, followed by the pin icon .
  • Use this icon to more-easily upload PDFs to EndNote online. 

Bunch, L. (2020, December 17). EndNote: Use Cite While You Write. LibGuides.