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Background Material on Bioethics

What is Bioethics?

Bioethics is a new field of study developed in the last third of the twentieth century in response to technological advances made in the areas of science, medicine and healthcare. It is the field of inquiry that addresses the ethical problems posed by advances made in several specific disciplines such as the life sciences, psychology, biomedical engineering and genetics. Advances such as organ transplants, stem cells, genetic engineering, and life-support machines increase our ability to influence the length and quality of life. Bioethics is broadly interdisciplinary and encourages collaboration of various stakeholders in the discourse that helps people make morally sound decisions about responsible use of biomedical advances.

Informed by the Christian, Catholic and Benedictine tradition, the program in Bioethics prepares graduates to meet biomedical healthcare  challenges with confidence, courage and clarity. We seek to advance the bioethical discourse in all areas of healthcare: education, clinical practice, and research. This guide will lead you through resources that will assist you as you seek to gather ideas and knowledge to aid your studies.

Research Resources for Distance Students

As many students are completing courses online there are several resources to be aware of so you are able to take full advantage of physically printed material that would aid you in your research and education endeavors.

 Think about what academic libraries may be closer to you than the Welder Library? You can go in and use many academic libraries material in person including their online catalog to look at what physical holdings are available.

There are many ways to gather information about physical material you may want to look into for your research. Look at OCLC's WorldCat Catalog. WorldCat is the world's largest catalog of library holdings connecting you to information from collections of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide.

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