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Occupational Therapy

General Format and Style Information

  1. Paper for library and faculty binding: To insure durability, permanency, and opacity, copies for the library must be on 8 1/2" X 11" white bond paper that is least 20 pound weight with a 25% cotton rag content (a watermark indicates cotton rag content). 
  2. Fonts: The directed study is printed with a 12 point font size and with wither the following font types: Arial (contemporary), or Times New roman (traditional, formal). There may be exceptions for appendices. 
  3. Margins: 1.5 inches left for binding and 1 inch top, bottom, and right side. 
  4. Page Numbers: Number all pages including Title, Statement of Permission to Copy, Approval and Abstract. Number all pages in the upper right hand corner, with number places at least 1" from the right edge of the page.  Refer to APA guidelines. 
  5. Order of Preliminary Pages (see each page for more explanation) 
    1. Title Page 
    2. Statement of Permission to Copy 
    3. Approval Page 
    4. Abstract 
    5. Acknowledgements 
    6. Table of Contents
    7. List of Figures 
    8. List of Tables 
    9. Manuscript 
    10. References 
    11. Appendices