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Athletic Training & Kinesiology

Research Assignment

Below you will find the module for your research assignment. There are three modules. Each module has valuable information as well as several short videos for you to work through to prepare you for the quiz.

The purpose of this module is to

  1. Introduce you to information sources.
  2. Define basic research terms.
  3. Provide you with an understanding of the research process.
  4. Develop your ability to become a knowledgeable information consumer and producer.

To complete this module you will need to work through all three sections Research Process, Critical Literacy, & Information Ethics. There will be a quiz in class on this material.

Where Does Research Fit In?

Information Literacy 

What is information literacy and why do you need to know about it? Information literacy describes someone who is able to recognize when information is needed, and they have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information to learn, understand, explain, or teach. 

This process can seem daunting when starting out. Through these three modules, we will break down the pieces of information literacy and learn how each can help us to learn and succeed doing research.