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What is the TEACH Act?

The TEACH (Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization) Act allows: 

Teachers at an accredited, nonprofit educational institutions to use copyright-protected materials in distance learning. This act also allows teachers to transmit performances and displays of copyrighted works as part of a course if certain requirements are met. If the institution or teacher cannot meet these requirements, use of the materials would have to qualify under fair use or permission from the copyright holder must be obtained. 

For more information refer to Section 110 (2) of the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17) 

TEACH Requirements

Instructor Requirements

  • use only works that are permitted 
  • supervise access to all course material
  • mediate all instructional activities 
  • ensure that no digital copies of a work are available. If there none available, you may digitize a work. 

Institution Requirements: 

  • must be a accredited nonprofit institution. 
  • have a copyright policy 
  • promote copyright compliance  
  • provide notice to students that course materials may be copyrighted. 

Information Technology Requirements: 

  • the transmission (of the performance or display) must be made solely for and reception limited to students enrolled in the course. 
  • apply technological controls on storage and dissemination to prevent course students from retaining the materials for longer than a class section.  
  • ensure distance education delivery systems used do not defeat technological measures used by copyright owners to keep their works under control. 
  • limit short-term retention of copies. 
  • limit long-term copy preservation. 

TEACH Act and Canvas

Specific technological requirements of the TEACH Act that are relevant to Canvas: 

  • limit access to copyrighted works to students who are currently enrolled in the class. 
  • limit access only for the time needed to complete the course. 
  • prevent further copying or redistribution of copyrighted works