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Reference Managers

Citavi Introduction Video

What is Citavi? 

Citavi is more than a reference manager. It is an organizational tool which helps you remain calm and collected while working with numerous sources.

  • Use Citavi to save articles, PDFs, images, and sections of text for easy access later on.
  • Use the "Categories" function to make an outline of your paper and drop sources where you want them.
  • "Add quotations, ideas and references. Your paper will quickly start to take shape" (Citavi, 2021).

Too many tasks and not enough time? 

  • Track your goals, tasks, progress, and due dates, so that you can focus on what matters most. 
  • Citavi automatically generates in-text citations and references, so you have one less thing to stress. 
  • "With Citavi you can work in teams of any size anywhere in the world. Share your knowledge and achieve your goals together" (Citavi, 2021).

Introduction Video for Citavi:

Citavi. (2021, March 31). Your knowledge toolkit. Citavi.