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Library FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked library questions!

Library Services FAQ

Q: I am an online student. How can I borrow books from Welder Library? 

A:  Online students must use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request books and media. Books and media requested by online students will be forwarded to students by mail. Online students are responsible for return postage to return borrowed items to Welder Library. 

 Q:  I am a University of Mary alumni. Do I have library privileges? 

 A:  Alumni are welcome to visit Welder Library. However, alumni are not extended library privileges. 

 Q:  Are members of the public eligible to use Welder Library?

 A:  Members of the public are welcome to visit Welder Library. However, members of the public do not have library privileges and are prohibited from using University of Mary computers.  Holders of library cards from other Central Dakota Library Network (CDLN) member libraries are honored by the Welder Library. Accordingly, borrowing privileges are extended to those card holders. 

 Q:  Are children permitted in Welder Library?

 A:  Children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the library unless they are accompanied by an authorized adult user. 

 Q:  Does Welder Library make accommodations for students who have a disability? 

 A:  Welder Library will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests from users with disabilities. If a disability is not readily discernible, users are asked to identify themselves as having a disability when seeking assistance. Handicapped parking is located adjacent to the library. Welder Library is equipped with electronic doors and elevators providing access to both levels. Accessible restrooms are located near the inside entry doors to Welder Library. Library staff will provide assistance if a disability prevents users from using keyboards to search online catalogs and/or use other Library equipment or resources. Library staff can retrieve items from library shelves or other areas inaccessible to students who have a disability. 

 Q: Are service animals permitted in Welder Library?

 A: Service animals are welcome in the Welder Library. To maintain a pleasant, productive, and safe environment for all Welder Library users and staff, service animals must be in physical proximity with their handler and under handler control at all times. 

Q: How do I borrow library materials from Welder Library?

A: A valid Mcard is required to borrow Welder Library materials. Each student, faculty, and staff member must register their Mcard in person at the Circulation Desk before borrowing from the library. Holders of library cards from other Central Dakota Library Network (CDLN) member libraries are honored by the Welder Library. Online students must request library materials through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Q: How long can I borrow books and media from Welder Library? 

A: Books and media may be borrowed for 30 days, with 2 renewals of 2 weeks duration. 

Q: Can I borrow media (DVDs and CDs) from the library? Does it cost anything? 

A: Yes, media items in the library may be checked out. The circulation periods vary. There is no charge for checking out media items. 

Q: Can I check out journals and periodicals from Welder Library?

A: No, journals and periodicals cannot be checked out. However, you may make copies or scan portions of the journal for scholarly purposes. 

Q: How do I view the items that I currently have checked out? 

A: You will need to log into your library account. Click on "My Account." Then enter the 14-digit barcode on the back of your Mcard and your 4-digit pin number. 

Q: How do I renew the items that I have checked out?

A: You may renew your items by logging into your library account. Click on "My Account." Then enter the 14-digit barcode on the back of your Mcard and your 4-digit pin number. Select the items you would like to renew and click on the "Renew" button at the bottom of the page. You may also call the library at (701) 355-8070. We would be happy to renew your item(s) over the phone. 

Q: How do I request materials from other libraries?

A: You will need to log into your library account. Click on "My Account." Then enter the 14-digit barcode on the back of your Mcard and your 4-digit pin number. Search for the item you would like to request. Click on the title to open the record. Then, click on the "Place Hold" button. Select the library where you would like to have the book delivered to. Click on "Place Hold" and you have successfully requested an item.

Q: How do I return my library materials? 

A: Books may be returned to Welder Library at the Circulation Desk during open hours. There is a book return drop located next to the entrance to the library. 

Q: Why is my library account blocked? 

A: If you fail to return library materials within 4 weeks of the due date, you will billed for the price of each item plus a $10 processing fee per item. Your library account is blocked until the item is paid for or returned. In addition, a library hold will be placed on your student account at the Office of the Registrar. Please stop by the Circulation Desk or call us at (701) 355-8070 if you are unsure why your account is blocked. 

Q: How do I access course reserve materials?

A: Come to the Circulation Desk with your Mcard to use course reserve materials. Course reserves are restricted to library use only. 

Q: Does the library have textbooks for my class?

A: Welder Library does not purchase textbooks. Contact the bookstore at (701) 355-8282 for information on textbooks. 

Q: Does Welder Library have University of Mary yearbooks?  

A: Welder Library has University of Mary yearbooks from 1971-2003. These are allowed to be checked out.

Q: I found a book in Welder Library that I do not think is appropriate. How do I voice my concern? 

A: The Welder Library has a "Challenge of Materials Policy." Challenges to the appropriateness of items in the Welder Library may be presented by any library user. 

Q: Am I allowed to have drinks in Welder Library?

A: Users are permitted to use covered beverage containers in Welder Library. 

Q: Am I allowed to eat in Welder Library?

A: Accepted food items include individual snack-size containers of chips, cookies, candy, and other snack foods; candy bars, granola bars and power bars; small containers of finger foods (e.g., cut fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and nuts, cheese; cold sandwiches, and small whole fruits, such as apples or bananas). Unacceptable food items includes anything that is hot, aromatic, potentially messy, or intended for consumption by more than one person (e.g., hot entrees, burgers, french fries, pizza, noodles, burritos, tacos, soup, salads, large-sized bags or packages of chips, etc.).

Q: Does Welder Library have a public vending area? 

A: There are food and drink vending machines in the lower level of the Welder Library building. 

Q: Do you have a quiet place for individuals to study? Do you offer study rooms?

A: Welder Library is a quiet study library. There are seats for over 200 individuals in Welder Library. There are no study rooms available. 

Q: Are there staplers and other office supplies available for students to use?

A: Staplers, paper clips, and a paper cutter are located by the west computer bank. 

Q: Where are the restrooms for Welder Library? Is there a water fountain?

A: Restrooms and water fountains are located near classroom 210. 

Q: I lost a personal item in Welder Library. How can I find it? 

A: Occasionally lost personal items are turned in at the Circulation Desk. Ask library staff to check if your lost item was turned in. You can also check with the security office. 

Q: Can I request that the library purchase an item? 

A: Sure! We are happy to receive purchase suggestions and will do our best to acquire them. Students, staff and others may contact the Director of Library Services with suggestions. 

Q: Can I donate books to the Welder Library? 

A: Welder Library accepts gifts of library materials that are relevant to the teaching and research needs of the University of Mary community. Generally, the same criteria used to determine purchase of materials is used in evaluating appropriateness of gifts for the collection as outlined in the "Collection Development Policy." Prospective donors who believe their gift would enrich our collections and are consistent with the purpose and scope of Welder Library are encouraged to contact the Director of Library Services. 

Q: Can I donate money to Welder Library? 

A: Monetary gifts to the Welder Library are gratefully accepted. Please discuss a monetary gift with the Director of Library Services. 

Q: Is it possible for me to post flyers in Welder Library? 

A:  No, there is no bulletin board space in Welder Library. 

Q: Where can I park when I come to Welder Library?

A: On campus students have assigned parking areas. Visitors and commuter students can park in Lot M, which is directly south of the Welder Library building. 

Q: How can I get a bound personal copy of my thesis?

A: Thesis Binding Order Forms can be found here. There a fee of $25 a copy to have it bound. Follow this link to find out more information about thesis binding.

Q: How can I apply for a student job in Welder Library? 

A: Students may apply for jobs in Welder Library by applying through the University of Mary Work Campus webpage.