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Library FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked library questions!

Technology FAQ

Q: What are the names of the printers in Welder Library? Where are they located? 

A: The black and white printer to the north of the main entrance is called Welder Lab 2. A second black and white printer is located on the west side of the main lobby. It is called Welder Lab 1. The  color printer is called Library Color and is located near Welder Lab 1. 

Q: How do I print from computers in Welder Library?

A:  Library computers are networked for library printers, except for Library Color. You also have the option to print to the Follow-Me-Queue. If you printed to the Follow-Me-Queue, you will need to login to MPrint using your UMary email address and password. Under "Jobs Pending Release" click print on the job you wish to release. Next, select the printer you want to print to and click "OK."


Q: What is the cost of printing at Welder Library? 

A: Black and white copies are $0.05 a page through the MPrint system. Color copies are $0.25 a page through the MPrint system

Q: My MPrint account has a zero balance. How do I add money to my MPrint account? 

A: You may purchase PaperCut Cards for $5 each at the Business Office or Welder Library's Circulation Desk. PaperCut Cards come with a card number, value and expiration date. Simply log into and select "Redeem Card." Enter your card number and funds will be added to your account. 

Q: Can I request a refund if my print job didn't print correctly for any reason? 

A: Login on to MPrint at Go to "Recent Print Jobs" and then find the job for which you want to request a refund. On the right side of the page you will see the "Request Refund" button. 

Q: My printing was denied. How do I get it to print? 

A: When using the computers in the library, the default print setting is duplex mode. The printers in Welder Library can only do one-sided printing. You need to make sure that duplex mode (double-sided printing) is off. 

Q: How do I print from my laptop or other personal devices? 

A: This can be done in two ways: Email-To-Print or Web Print. 


Send an email with an attachment to Once received, the document will be in your Follow-Me Queue. You will receive an email confirmation of your submitted print job. Once your file has been uploaded and processed, you can release the print job from any Print Release Station on campus. 

Web Print 

Simply log into and select "Web Print." Then choose the option to submit a job. Specify the number of copies you would like to print. Then, click "upload a document" by dragging and dropping the file into the upload window or use the "Upload from Computer" option to browse to the document you would like to print. Once uploaded, the documents will be submitted to the Follow-Me Queue. You can release the print job from any Print Release Station on campus. 

Q: What is my print allocation?

A: Every student receives $20 on their MPrint account each semester. 

Q: Will I be able to use my print money after I graduate or leave the University of Mary?

A: No, your printing privileges end after you have graduated or leave the University of Mary. 


Q: What computer resources are available in Welder Library? 

A: There are 28 computer work stations on the second level of Welder Library. They are available for research and internet use by students, faculty, and staff. Simply log in to a library computer station using your Umary email account and password. Document scanners are available. Welder Library has two black-and-white printers, a color printer, and a coin operated copier.

Q: Does Welder Library have a Wi-Fi connection? 

A: Yes, Wi-Fi is available throughout the Welder Library building. Your laptop, tablet, or smartphone can connect easily to the library's free wireless network.

Q: What software programs are on the library computers?

A: The computers in Welder Library have Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) and Windows Media Player installed on them. 

Q: Where can I find handicapped accessible computers?

A: Welder Library has one handicapped accessible work station located in computer pod located on the west side of the main library. 

Q: Does Welder Library have a fax machine for students to use?

A: No, Welder Library does not have a fax machine. 

Q: Are there scanners and copiers available for students to use?

A: Yes, Welder Library has two scanners available for student use. They are located on the scanning table near the west pod of computers. The coin operated photocopier charges $0.10 per side.