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Physical Therapy

Binding Your Dissertation

As part of your final project, you are required to submit at least two copies of the your dissertation with original signatures to the Welder Library. 

To do this, you must: 

  1. Provide Welder Library with at least two copies of your dissertation. 
  2. Complete the Student Thesis and Dissertation Binding Instructions form
  3. Pay $25.00 (check/cash) for each copy.
  4. Drop off or mail your original dissertations to Welder Library with payment.  

Welder Library retains two copies of your dissertation for collection purposes. If you want additional copies for yourself, add the number of copies you want to the form and provide additional payment as directed on the form.

The instructor of PTH 853 will check with the Welder Library staff for a list of students who have submitted at least two copies of their dissertations with the required binding fees. Once the instructor has determined that the appropriate copies and binding fees have been submitted, your oral presentation of the final paper was completed satisfactorily, and your Scholarly Project Group Performance Assessment of your student peers was complete, then a final grade from your Project Committee Chairperson will be submitted to the Registrar for PTH 853.