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Library Services for Faculty

Library Services for the faculty.

Using our library catalog

On campus faculty and staff must register their Mcard at the Circulation Desk. Faculty and staff will establish a 4 digit PIN to allow them to borrow books and media from Welder Library. University of Mary online faculty must use our interlibrary loan service (ILLIAD) to borrow materials from Welder Library, or any other library for that matter.

To search the collections of the Welder Library, go to the Central Dakota Library Network screen, and use the search box to find books or media relevant to your research. Should you find a desired item, open the record by clicking on the title, and at the bottom of the record to note whether the item is available in Welder Library or a Central Dakota Library Network Library. If the item is in Welder Library, faculty and staff must go to the library to get it. You will need to bring your Mcard to check it out.  If the item is not located in the Welder Library, but located at a Central Dakota Library Network library, on campus students and faculty may request it by clicking on "Place Hold."  That will take you to a logon box where the 14 digit bar code number on the back of your Mcard and your PIN must be entered. That will generate a request for the item and it will be transported by courier to Welder Library for you to pick up. You will receive a text message or email once the item is ready for pickup at the Circulation Desk.

University of Mary non-main campus faculty wanting to borrow materials from Welder Library must submit a request for specific books or media using our interlibrary loan service, ILLIAD.

To use our library catalog, please follow this link: Library Catalog  

Using Interlibrary Loan

First, you need to set up an interlibrary loan account (ILLIAD) by completing the registration form. Once you set that up, you may log in and use the account for requesting resources not held at the Welder library. You will be able to:

  • Submit request(s)
  • Track request(s)
  • Check due dates
  • Renew items
  • View borrowing history
  • Access material delivered electronically   

University of Mary non-main campus faculty must use ILLIAD to request books and media held by Welder Library or other libraries.  It is vital all faculty, both on campus and non-main campus faculty, establish an ILLIAD account to obtain needed library materials.  Books and media requested by University of Mary online faculty will be forwarded by mail.  

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Policy   

NoteArticles delivered to your ILLIAD account are only accessible for 30 days. After 30 days the software will display grayed out icons of article PDFs in your history, and you will no longer be able to access the article. If you need articles longer, you may want to keep a print or electronic copy when you first receive it.

To use interlibrary loan, please follow this link: Interlibrary Loan 

For more information on ILLIAD, check out this Interlibrary Loan tutorial