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How to Write a Research Paper: Citing Sources

Step by step description of how to write a research paper

Style Guides

Choosing A Style

Choosing A Style

There are different ways to properly cite resources in your paper. The citation style usually depends on the academic discipline involved. For example:

  • MLA style (Modern Language Association) is typically used by the Humanities 

  • APA style (American Psychological Association) often is used by Education, Psychology, and Business

  • Chicago (Professor Turabian, University of Chicago) is generally used by History and some of the Fine Arts.

When determining which style to use there are several resources to keep in mind:

  • Ask your professor which style they prefer for the course.

  • Consult a style guide for examples of using various citation styles to create in-text citations, bibliographies and reference lists, or use citation software to assist you in tracking sources used and building in-text citations and bibliographies. 

Bottom line: Check with your professor to make sure you use the style required for that class. And whatever style you choose, BE CONSISTENT!

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