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How to Write a Research Paper: Academic Integrity

Step by step description of how to write a research paper

Academic Integrity

What is Academic Misconduct?


Cheating includes the actual use or attempt to use unauthorized materials, technology, or other aids on any form of academic work. It also includes the unauthorized giving of assistance, receiving of assistance, or any attempts thereof on academic work. 


Plagiarism is the intentional misappropriation of the work, whether published, unpublished posted electronically, attributed, or anonymous-of another by representing another person's ideas, writing, or other intellectual property as one's own. 

Fabrication and Falsification 

Falsification and fabrication are actions taken, or attempted, to mislead or deceive others by altering or inventing information relevant to one's academic work. Any form of this behavior is prohibited, verbally or in writing. 

Improper Research Practices 

Violations of ethical research practices in one’s field or failure to adhere to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) policies and procedures (when applicable) is a violation of the Academic Honor Code. 

Dissemination of Information without Permission

Information or experimental data collected, written, or developed by more than one collaborator (e.g., a student and faculty member, team of students) must not be submitted for publication or otherwise disseminated without the permission of all collaborators. Failure to receive such permission is a violation of this policy.

Breach of Confidentiality

Unauthorized possession, use, alteration, taking, or releasing of information originally provided under the assurance of confidentiality is considered a confidentiality breach and is prohibited. 

Obstruction of Another’s Academic Activities

Interfering with the academic activities of another is prohibited. 

You can read the full University of Mary's Academic Honor Code and Honor System for more information.