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Theological Citations

Classical Works

In your reference list, place the translator's name in parentheses after the title, along with the abbreviation "Trans." Use the date of the translated work for publication year and add the date of the original work in parentheses at the end of the reference. Use both dates (original date/translated date) in the in-text citation.

Modern edition of translated classic

  • In-text Citation: 
    • (Aristotle, 350 B.C./1926) 

  • Narrative Citation:
    • Aristotle (350 B.C./1926)

  • Reference list:
    • Aristotle. (1926). Nicomachean ethics (H. Rackham, Trans.). (Original work published ca. 350 B.C.)

Reference (box taken from):

The University of Notre Dame Australia. (2020, December 3). APA Referencing 7th Edition. Retrieved from